To A New Everyday

Strategic Goal

Start a new conversation about casual. Elevating it from being only pragmatic to being practical, beautiful, and thoughtful.

The Problem

We needed to bring a new idea of casual clothing to the people of Amsterdam. The Dutchies love a bargain but H&M, Primark and the much loved Hema all had a solid stronghold in the affordable apparel segment.


The residents of Amsterdam.  The foundation of this city. Immensely pragmatic they never stop looking for tomorrow’s opportunities. The pace and demands of their life is high; between family, work, weather, travel, and spending well. Forward thinking, and free spirited people, they make the city what it is today.

On one hand, there is vast potential connected to the quality, functionality, and value of LifeWear.

On the other hand, Amsterdam is a discerning community who knows what works for it. They must be convinced that LifeWear enhances their lives and has an essential place in it.

Strategic Platform

To A New Everyday

This helped us to drive re-assesment of current shopping habits and introduced a new option that makes sense; Uniqlo.

It tapped into Dutch pragmatism surrounding their apparel, it needs to be able to take you from the school run to the office and out for drinks all in one day. 


Our casting was based upon a selection of Amsterdammers that challenge conventions, redefine norms and make everyday life better.

Cultural Collaborations

Through a series of activations we wanted to celebrate the 400 year history between Japan and the Netherlands whilst integrating Uniqlo’s Lifewear into everyday destinations.

We proposed a retrospective of Japanese cinema in the Eye film museum, Ikebana & ceramic workshops at the Stedelijk, a Japanese garden designed by Seijun Nishihata installed in the Hortus Botanicus. 

Here’s the film we made